? 2017-07-11 ?

  1. The Turnaround with Jesse Thorn: Larry King
    Does Larry King really need an introduction? After all, the former host of Larry King Live has interviewed pretty much everyone over his six decades in broadcasting: world leaders, actors, UFO experts, even Eleanor Roosevelt. For this episode, Jesse visited Larry at his home in Beverly Hills for a sprawling conversation about the early years of Larry’s career, what it was like talking to Richard Nixon and Frank Sinatra, and his biggest fear: death. Larry tells Jesse that he considers being “dumb” his greatest asset as an interviewer. Very much a creature of the moment, he loves nothing more than going into an interview cold and seeing what happens next. Also: Larry doesn’t hold back his thoughts about the state of interviewing today.
  2. iOS 11 beta 3 adds hints of livestreaming options
  3. Gangnam Style finally dethroned as most-played YouTube video
  4. 30 For 30 Podcasts: On The Ice
    Twenty years ago, hundreds of women answered a classified ad seeking adventurers for an all-women trek to the North Pole - no expedition experience necessary. On the ice, 20 of those women came face to face with just how deadly the Arctic can be, while also discovering something in themselves that changed their lives forever.
  5. DN öppnar kommentarsfälten inför valåret
    I augusti öppnar Dagens Nyheter debattsidorna på för läsarkommentarer med en ny kommentarsplattform som ska stävja nättroll.
  6. BBC - Future - The 24 best podcasts to make you smarter
    Do you have time to kill, but a curiosity that just won’t be tamed? Head to these podcasts that will inform, educate and entertain.