? 2017-07-12 ?

  1. Dov Charney Couldn’t Keep American Apparel, So He Restarted It
    “We had six sewing machines, then 12 machines. It was a nail-biter. It still is a nail-biter. That’s part of the chills and thrills of starting up a business. You’re always on edge, but I love it. The workers are happy. It’s exciting. We want to prove something.” Dov Charney was squeezed out of American Apparel and failed in his attempts to get the company back. So the controversial entrepreneur came up with a new plan … that sounds a whole lot the like the old plan (and has almost the same name).
  2. Streaming TV apps grapple with password sharing
    More than one-fifth of young adults who stream shows like "Game of Thrones" or "Stranger Things" borrow passwords from people who do not live with them, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, a finding that suggests media companies are missing out on significant revenue as digital viewership explodes.
  3. With The Lily, The Washington Post amplifies women’s voices in media
  4. Quentin Tarantino Exploring New Movie on Manson Family
    The Hollywood Reporter said that Mr. Tarantino is at the final stages of script writing and that filming would begin next year.
  5. I Think You're Interesting: Errol Morris, one of the best interviewers ever, on true crime and the art of the documentary
    Academy-Award winning documentarian Errol Morris is one of Todd’s favorite filmmakers ever, not to mention a world-class investigator and interviewer who’s managed everything from getting Robert McNamara to admit he could have easily been branded a war criminal to getting an innocent man freed from death row. He joins Todd to talk about his new movie, his love of photography, and the true-crime boom he kinda kicked off.
  6. This Canadian rock star and author is starting a monthly print paper for his Toronto neighborhood
  7. Därför blir Despacito först till tre miljarder
    Så om mina (ganska ruffa siffror stämmer) kommer Luis Fonsi att bli den första artist i världen att nå tre miljarder visningar kring den 6 augusti.