Upphittat 20 november 2017

  1. The Photographer Behind Windows XP ‘Bliss’ Shot 3 New Wallpapers
  2. Nätjättar i nytt samarbete mot fake news
  3. Hola Spark
  4. Sync Music Bot
  5. Sync Music Bot is the first and only music delivery bot to offer music that’s specially-tuned to help you work, relax, and exercise better. Daily playlists will prime you for concentrating on your work, and help keep you in the zone — whether you’re reading, writing, coding, or designing.
  6. R.E.M. streams ‘recently discovered’ footage of sole ‘Automatic For the People’ concert
  7. Find best places to go with kids | GoWithKid
  8. GoWithKid is a tool that helps to find good places around to spend some time with a kid.
Gunnar R Johansson @g