Upphittat 22 november 2017

  1. Information Technology teams and Slack
  2. Data Stories That Aren't Downers
  3. Schibsted Future Report - Outlook 2018
  4. The Scandinavian media giant Schibsted’s annual trends report — part predictions, part survey research, part self-promotion — is out today, free for anyone interested.
  5. The Washington Post Is A Software Company Now
  6. The newspaper created a platform to tackle its own challenges. Then, with Amazon-like spirit, it realized there was a business in helping other publishers do the same.
  7. Mac keyboard shortcuts - Apple Support
  8. Free Open Source Password Manager | bitwarden
  9. The easiest and safest way for individuals, teams, and business organizations to store, share, and sync sensitive data.
  10. Coming Nov. 28 — Slow Burn: A Podcast About Watergate
  11. It took two years for the Watergate scandal to unfold—for a break-in at the Democratic Party’s headquarters to go from a weird little caper to a constitutional crisis that brought down a president. What was it like to experience those two years in real time?
Gunnar R Johansson @g