Upphittat 17 januari 2018

  1. Native Instruments' new subscription service is Spotify for samples, a platform owned by Maschine manufacturer Native Instruments that counts former Beatport CEO Matthew Adell among its staff. Like Spotify, the service offers a $9.99 a month paid tier and a free tier, each covering samples for making everything from mainstage EDM to sound effects for podcast producers.

  2. BBC Ideas aims to inform and entertain audiences with short factual videos
    The videos will be created by the BBC Ideas team based on existing BBC content and suggestions from the audience, as well as commissioned from independent production companies.

  3. Pushed beyond breaking: US newsrooms use mobile alerts to define their brand
    The aim of this research is to provide a comprehensive overview of how U.S. news outlets are using mobile push alerts to reach their audiences. Its objectives are to better understand how and why news outlets are using mobile push alerts, the decision-making process and workflows behind their use, how metrics inform strategy, and the major challenges presented by push alerts and how outlets have tackled them. The study intends to provide a detailed understanding of the use of mobile push alerts by news outlets of all sizes and backgrounds.

  4. Hans Rosenfeldt ny programledare för På Minuten
    Hans Rosenfeldt är ny programledare för P1:s populära På Minuten med start 20 januari. In som ny panelmedlem kommer samtidigt skådespelaren Olof Wretling.

  5. Raoul Wallenberg Algorithm
    The Raoul Wallenberg Algorithm estimates the level of compassion in the world by analyzing world leaders’ Twitter dialogues - in real time. Follow the temperature change and help us #WarmUpOurGlobe.

  6. British Library - Sounds
    Listen to a selection from the British Library’s extensive collections of unique sound recordings, which come from all over the world and cover the entire range of recorded sound: music, drama and literature, oral history, wildlife and environmental sounds.

  7. New Siri Podcast News Feature Begins Rolling Out in iOS 11.2.2
    When you ask Siri about the news of the day via Hey Siri or another hands-free method, the personal assistant will provide Podcast news from NPR by default in the United States. You can, however, ask Siri to switch to news from Fox News, CNN, or The Washington Post.

  8. Announcing Nuzzel Media Intelligence
    Nuzzel has developed a proprietary and scalable system that analyzes the millions of shared links that already flow through the Nuzzel system, determining which we consider news sources, and which we consider high quality. The appropriate sites are automatically added to the list of sources that are continuously scanned. Nuzzel Media Intelligence is currently scanning approximately 100,000 news sources, and we plan to make Nuzzel’s news search system the largest and most comprehensive on the Internet. Nuzzel is scanning almost 1 million stories each day, and growing.

  9. Comedy Central to Launch Podcast Network
    The network will launch a global podcast network featuring brand extensions of its existing franchises as well as new original content. The Jim Jefferies Show will be the inaugural offering, debuting Wednesday. It will be available for download and streaming worldwide across Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and other digital platforms.

  10. Google Memory Loss
    I think Google has stopped in­dex­ing the old­er parts of the We­b. I think I can prove it. Google’s com­pe­ti­tion is do­ing bet­ter.

  11. The Coral Project
    The Coral Project brings journalists and the communities they serve closer together. We fulfill this mission through open-source tools and practices for newsrooms of all sizes. Our software is currently in use in more than a dozen newsrooms, with many more coming soon. We also run events, publish academic research and guides to best practices, and we share everything we do online, for free. We can’t do it without your help.

  12. 99% INVISIBLE: 291- Thermal Delight
    When air conditioning was invented in 1902, it was designed to take out the humidity in the air so printers could run four color magazines, without the colors becoming offset due to the paper warping from moisture. A young engineer named Willis Carrier developed a system that pumps air over metal coils cooled with ammonia to pull moisture from the air, but it had a side effect — it also made the air cooler.