Upphittat 8 februari 2018

  1. Wayback Machine Downloader
    Archivarix online wayback downloader. Download a web site from Restore entire site exactly like it was on Wayback machine.

  2. Flourish helps journalists create easy data visualizations

  3. Gymnasieelev allvarligt skadad efter elolycka | SVT Nyheter

  4. Unanswered emails were the bane of my life - until I spent a month in search of inbox nirvana
    Is your life weighed down by thousands of emails? Moya Sarner’s was too. So she decided to try all the top recommended techniques to stop the deluge.

  5. ProPublica and WNYC are launching an investigative Trump podcast that pulls in the crowd
    “We’re starting with questions, and we want you to join us in the quest for answers”: On Wednesday, ProPublica and WNYC dropped the first episode of Trump Inc., a podcast that, over 12 weekly episodes, will aim to delve into the mysteries of Donald Trump’s businesses. Eric Umansky, ProPublica’s deputy managing editor, and Andrea Bernstein, WNYC News’ senior editor for politics and policy, explained in a post.

  6. The new impressive Blade Runner synth – Check out Deckard´s Dream